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She is a Christian organization trained to help the poor men. Hello considered, she is a Christian organization trained to help to people in the attendance needs, such as it helps financial. So if you go through the financial difficulties or in any financial problem and that it needs the funds to b ... egin his own business or needs loan to liquefy his debt or to pay his accounts, to initiate a negotiation, or they have difficulties to obtain loans of capital of the local banks, communicates today with us through e-mail: (Schmitromainpierre0@gmail.com) the Bible says: “Lucas 11:10 all that asks, receives; “the one that it looks for finds and to which calls, the door will be opened. So you do not leave these opportunities you go through Jesus you are the last one yesterday, today and for always. Please, for them it is serious mentality and the people by the fear to God… E-mail is a Christian organization trained to help to Roman Mr. Schmit Financial Director: Schmitromainpierre0@gmail.com

Price:4,500 €



+33 0693137519

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