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01/24/2015 08:39:00 AM | offer | Financial consulting
Good Morning Practice offering interest rates. Have you been rejected by many banks? Do you need finance to consolidate your debt? Do you need money to help your business recover on the right track? I am an individual has available to help any person or company argent.Notamment in difficu ... lty around the world that I trade with a loan ranging from € 5000 to € 50 million, I also make local loans International investments and loans between especially all types. I grant short-term loans, medium and long term. I know your habits and my transfers are provided by a bank for secure transactions to anyone able to repay, with interest rate of 3%. If you are interested email me for all your needs your proposal from the rates and payments on account will help Cordially thank you !!!!!!!!!

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fernandez nikez lacroix
+351 0633124578

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