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05/19/2017 09:33:05 AM | offer | Loans, mortgages
My joy is great on this day. Eh yes ! It must be said that there really are people who love their neighbors and if it were the case for everyone, the words famine, poverty ... would never exist in our dictionary. I was abandoned by my husband who left me without a penny with 2 children aged 2 and 9 ... in my charge. It's been about 3 years that I am looking for a loan that would put me back on track without success. Until 3 weeks ago I heard about Mr Humberto who in 5 days changed my situation. I had to follow all the legal steps with his notary. Then everything went very quickly, I could not believe it when my bank contacted me to inform me of the transfer I had just received. There are people on this earth who are filled with good faith and love for others. This is his contact: WhatsApp: +33 7 84 56 61 46 E-mail: tatiana1.org@gmail.com

Price:10 €



Mirzekhanova Tatiana

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